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Join the Detox & Mineralize Club: A Renewable Energy Program

$25.00 a month (pay as you go option)


Membership gives you access to the following:


•Detailed instructions on proper detox & fasting techniques

•    Gain a comprehensive understanding of healing with the herb/ plant kingdom to detox   major filter system: liver, lungs, kidneys, bladder, stomach/colon & blood

• Receive Crystal of the month with meditation

• Receive recipes for wellness & family balance

• Monthly conference call with Wakili Oyinola providing guided instructions on setting up your   healing laboratory kitchen.  Inspired by Queen Afua’s 7 kitchens of Consciousness

• Receive distant/ remote Reiki body attunements of life force energy and universal love

• Join the “Get Fortified” Study Group Inspired by Jewel Pookrum’s Vitamins and Minerals from A to Z


Sign up today: send $25.00 via paypal to and email your contact info to to schedule your initial detox consultation.

Detox & Study Club Benefits - Wakili Oyinola
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Basic Plan
$55.00 per month
Basic Plan & Detox Supplies for 1 person
Basic Plan & Detox Supplies
for up to 4 family members

Please note all plans are pay as you go. Most people feel complete after

3 months. Feel free to call me to see if this is a fit.

Please listen to the description recorded below. 

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Detox & Mineralize Renewable Energy Options

The DIY Detox Box

$125.00 Detox & Mineralize Box by Wakili Oyinola Reiki Master

This box comes with detailed instructions, 3 hours of nutritional coaching and all of the detox herbs and crystals needed for complete vital organ restoration.

The Following Herbs are Included:

  • Blood Purifier Blend

  • Colon Cleanse Blend 

  • Moringa (fortifies the entire body)

  • Black Seed (supports entire body)

  • Milk Thistle (supports liver & kidneys)

  • Uva Ursi (supports bladder & prostate)

  • Mullien (supports heart & lungs)

More Options Below

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